Martial Arts teaches Discipline

Martial Arts teaches Discipline

This week we explore the pressure and adversity our teenagers experience as they prepare to attend or return to high school. (Hint: It’s different than when we went and that was intense then!)

Wednesday we will share some information from external studies that explore what our children endure, and Friday we will weigh in with what we think will help our students here in WNY. Next week we begin to explore the many life-benefits of Kung Fu.

There are ways to build a platform for your child to adapt and thrive resulting in a life well-lived. 

Learning a martial art is such a way.

Proper attention from a certified instructor is critical to learning any martial art.

For over 6 years, Kung Fu Buffalo has been located at 350 Union Street in Hamburg, NY and has been fortunate to provide instruction from ACMAF-certified Shifus (teachers) and a Disciple Master of both 8 Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu, and Shyun-Style Tai Chi.


There are ways to build a platform for your child to adapt and thrive resulting in a life well-lived.

Our rare, centuries-old style of Kung fu is based on nature and preserved and taught in its entirety the way it always has; in very small class sizes to guarantee proper attention is given to each student’s journey. Our class size usually averages between 4 and 6 to ensure every student is given ample opportunity to master each concept and application while surrounded by others at a similar level. It is a complete system that matches breathing, balance, coordination, posture with all aspects of self-defense.

Tai Chi promotes strength, balance, mobility, improved breath control, and overall health for students of any age. Our Tai Chi class sizes are similarly small to make sure our student receive maximum benefit from instruction.

Whether you study Kung fu or Tai Chi with us, we provide a personalized path for each student to follow and learn at their own pace, governed almost entirely by the amount of effort they are willing to invest in themselves. 

In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily just martial arts. In this regard, the students we attract and teach are more likely to contribute to a better society when outside our school. 

Confidence. Health. Fitness. Flexibility. Goals. Focus. Discipline. Effort.

This is the way.