Self-Discipline & Confidence

Self-Discipline & Confidence

With so many alternatives pulling for our (and your high school student’s time) time and attention, one of the benefits of martial arts is teaching discipline. Not the kind of discipline where someone does something wrong and are then disciplined by others, but SELF-DISCIPLINE. That’s the discipline that is installed that stays with your teen when nobody is looking.

“I like how Kung Fu teaches physical and mental discipline, self-control, inner strength, self-belief and confidence”

Kung Fu Buffalo on self-discipline: self-discipline is something an individual possesses within themselves which keeps his/her behavior in line with certain established rules of conduct. As martial arts instructors, our goal is to help students move from needing discipline from the outside to having internal, self-discipline. 

Throughout the month of August, we are going to discuss in more detail each one of the benefits that martial arts may help your student adapt and thrive in their continually changing environment.

This is the way.

Our class sizes are small and the number of students we will take is limited. Call Shifu Dan Della Vella at 716-341-3080 for information or to schedule your high school bound or high school student in one of our classes today.