self improvement for teens

self improvement for teens

In today’s technological firestorm, if you have or know of a high school student you want to ensure can focus their energy on positive outcomes, please pay attention to the subject of this weeks’ posts: Goals and Achievement and instilling a desire to continuously self-improve.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

A Goal is something your teen wants to achieve or attain.

It’s important to teach them to set goals because your teen won’t hit a goal they didn’t honestly and earnestly set for themselves.

Goal setting means to visualize what you want to become, write those dreams and aspirations down and then plan as to how to achieve it. This is also called intention.

Marital arts are built upon many pillars; one of the most prominent pillars is intention. 

Martial arts are excellent at providing a healthy environment for goal setting, effort, and a sense of accomplishment at a most basal level by default: most martial arts systems or styles have belt, sash, or ranking systems that will help guide your teen toward understanding what they need to do to achieve the next level. With time and successes, the martial arts student develops an attitude of continuous self-improvement. 

Once your teen has adopted the mindset of intention and continuous self-improvement, they will begin to become more engaged and energetic with all aspects of their lives: in school, at their training, at home, and in society. Once that engine is started, and successes and rewards begin to flow to your teen, setting a goal, putting effort against it, and ultimately achieving them become their way.

Throughout the month of August, we are going to discuss in more detail each one of the benefits that martial arts may help your student adapt and thrive in their continually changing environment.

In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily just martial arts. In this regard, the students we attract and teach are more likely to contribute to a better society when outside our school. 

Confidence. Health. Fitness. Flexibility. Goals. Focus. Discipline. Effort.

Our rare, centuries-old style of Kung fu is based on nature and preserved and taught in its entirety the way it always has; in very small class sizes to guarantee proper attention is given to each student’s journey. Our class size usually averages between 4 and 6 to ensure every student is given ample opportunity to master each concept and application while surrounded by others at a similar level. It is a complete system that matches breathing, balance, coordination, posture with all aspects of self-defense.

Kung fu Buffalo is building a few classes dedicated for high school, and high school bound students who want to break away from technology and build self-confidence, goal setting, and achievement through their own effort.

This is the way.

Our class sizes are small and the number of students we will take is limited. Call Shifu Dan Della Vella at 716-341-3080 for information or to schedule your high school bound or high school student in one of our classes today.