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Benefits Of Kung Fu

  • SELF DEFENSE: Martial Arts are the only exercise program that can get you in top shape AND teach you to protect yourself. Our style of Kung Fu is very practical and effective. Right from the start you will develop techniques for self-protection. Learning how to handle yourself in a confrontation will make you less likely to be “caught” in one. 
  • HEALTH: Kung Fu is a complete body activity. It increases stamina, energy, cardiovascular endurance and strength, improving coordination, balance, agility and speed. It will get you in a great shape for all your other activities and hobbies.
  • BETTER GRADES: Kung Fu is a great way for students (from kindergarten to college) to learn focus and discipline. This will result in success in many aspects of life outside of the training hall; better grades are just one of them.
  • RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHERS: Kung Fu teaching starts with respect, for your instructors and fellow classmates. All classes begin and end with a bow of respect.
  • SELF CONFIDENCE: As you increase your abilities, strength and self-defense skills, you fell better about yourself. Our teaching helps you to push your limits and set goals to be your very best. Being capable to do more leads to confidence!
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Our workouts provide great cardio benefits. You will tone your muscles, reduce excessive body mass, and maintain a healthy weight.
  • BETTER MENTAL ATTITUDE & TEMPER CONTROL: Kung Fu is great for stress relief. Our exercises will loosen up muscles, breathing techniques help slow heart rate and bring more oxygen to the brain; it’s a healthy way to blow off steam. As you transfer the skills you learn for stress relief and discipline into your outside life, you will find that problems rarely get the better of you anymore.
  • VARIETY/MOTIVATION: Many exercises programs and weight-loss routines can become boring. Kung Fu will always have you looking forward to the new skills and different exercises. Classes are fun, instructors and students are great, and there are plenty of exciting extra activities.

Benefits Of Tai Chi

  • IT DECREASES STRESS, ANXIETY, & DEPRESSION. Although more research is needed, studies have shown that meditative exercise such as tai chi can have positive effects when it comes to psychological well-being.
  • IT MAY HELP YOU MULTI-TASK. Tai chi has been shown to shore up “executive cognitive function” which includes your ability to multitask, as well as to make decisions and manage your time.
  • IT IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY, BALANCE, & AGILITY. While tai chi has a reputation for being gentle and slow, it’s been shown to aid in flexibility and balance in older adults.
  • IT IMPROVES MSCLE STRENGTH AND DEFINITION. Tai chi can also help with lower- and upper-body strength if practiced regularly, according to a study on older adults.
  • IT PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP. Exercise and physical activity in general are known to improve sleep quality, and tai chi is no exception. One study showed that it can promote better sleep in both healthy adults and those with chronic conditions.
  • IT STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. A recent study showed that doing tai chi has a small effect in increasing immune cells.
  • IT ALLIEVIATES PAIN. Research has shown that twice-weekly tai chi can help with pain management in those who suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tension headaches.
  • INNER PEACE: You will be able to exercise greater presence of mind. As you learn to focus and relax, you will be able to push aside extraneous details and experience true peace of mind.
  • BETTER CONCENTRATION: Along with your physical abilities, you will increase your mental abilities. Your mind will focus and absorb more, remember more and understand more.

"Shifu Dan is great working everyone at their own pace, explaining not just what we're doing in movements but why and how it all connects." - Jamie D.